Cross-Strait, Hong Kong & Macau Youth Volunteering Forum

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Seminar on “Volunteering – Brightening the Life of Older People”

As our Population ages steadily, it brings both challenges and opportunities. It deserves our focus deliberation on how to mobilize older people to keep contributing to the Society with their experience, knowledge and skills.

Study on Volunteering of Older People in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Institute of Volunteers commissioned the Social Sciences Research Centre of The University of Hong Kong in 2015 to conduct the first in-depth study on volunteering of older people to ascertain the key factors and strategies to motivate and facilitate retired persons and older people (aged 55 or above) to volunteer. It aimed to find out the right methods in attracting and mobilizing older people to volunteer.

Forum on Building impact in Volunteering

Forum on Building impact in Volunteering - Productive Partnership between the Private Sector and Volunteer - involving Organizations" was held on 21 March 2013.  

Research on Volunteering in Hong Kong

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